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This is it. The very best tablets you can buy this holiday season.

Our experts have rounded up a sweet list of gadgets that you can't possibly go wrong with.

Both the Xbox One Kinect and PlayStation 4 camera can log you in on sight, but which next-gen console does it better?

Xbox One: 20 Things You Need to Know.

Microsoft's new console may seem daunting, but here are some key points about the new do-nearly-everything gaming machine.

This major update to our favorite Windows 8 hybrid adds a future-proof better-than-HD display at a great price. You should put this laptop at the top of your list.

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The top 5 tech turkeys of 2013

Five of the biggest tech losers of 2013, from dud trends to dead brands

What you should know about flexible displays (FAQ)

What do Samsung and LG mean when they talk about flexible displays, and how is that different from a bendable phone? CNET breaks it down.